Keno Split Tickets

Keno split tickets are tickets that allow the player to allow betting one more than one number with the help of one ticket. This is considered very popular amongst many customers because they are able to play quite a few games using these keno split tickets. However as far the payouts and other benefits are concerned there are no differences between single tickets and split tickets. Those who have previous experience of playing online casino games will be able to understand the concept quite easily.

The biggest advantage is the fact that you stand a better chance of winning because you can use the same keno split tickets for the different numbers that you choose upfront. Though the ticket is just one, the numbers you choose are circled before they are given to you. Hence, you are allowed to play only using these numbers. However there is a disadvantage in the sense that you cannot use the same numbers for two different games. For example if you have chosen 15 as one of the numbers, you can use 15 only for one particular game. If you wish to again bet on number 15 or $15 you have to buy another single number 15 ticket.

You can further use these keno split tickets for as many times as there are numbers till alive. Further you can concentrate on a number of games without being bothered about going around and fetching new numbers for each and every game. While there are advantages using this form of ticket, there are disadvantages too. Hence, those who are aggressive and experienced and wish to try their luck using the same number for more than one time would not be very much interested in using these keno split tickets. If you wish to have more details about these unique split tickets pertaining to Keno the internet can provide you with a lot of information.

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